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Erin Hicks


Erin is currently on this planet with the intent on making her stay as meaningful as possible.  She tries her best to be friends with life and learn from the opportunities and mistakes offered to her.  She is inspired by her Peace Corps and AmeriCorps experiences (from the Dominican Republic to the California redwoods and the backcountry of the Sierra Nevadas), her Mythic Ancestor (her grandfather), La Paz her horse, the beauty of the natural world, dead presidents (Abraham Lincoln and both Roosevelts), dead poets (Vachel Lindsay and Arthur Rimbaud), and life.  Her passions are art and the environment.  Through her everyday actions, she hopes to affect small but positive change in the world.  She is creative by nature, a little off-kilter, loves to laugh, and enjoys being surrounded by the wild and beautiful.  She is a native Californian (Socal) but is also infused with some East Coast (NYC), Latin America and calls the mountains of the Emigrant Wilderness her true home. 

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