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Erin's Creative Portfolios

Check out Erin's illustration; photography; video and podcast; and writing portfolios!
Art & Illustration Portfolio

From working at Nickelodeon Creative Studios to t-shirt designs for AmeriCorps and Peace Corps initiatives to life drawing, check out Erin's portfolio of visual art.

Photography Portfolio

A  refreshed photography portfolio is soon to come! Meanwhile, take a glimpse at Erin's earlier photos selected for their composition, ability to tell a story, and special quality.  Stay tuned for a refresh of her photo portfolio coming in the near future!

Video & Podcast Portfolio


Bringing communication beyond still images and written word, Erin delights in taking stories and bringing them alive through video and audio presentations.  Click to discover Erin's video and podcast portfolio!

Writing Portfolio


Putting pen to paper can promise visual art and written creations. The art of words is another passion of Erin's. Take a glimpse at a selction of her short poetry, long poetry, and short stories.

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